Email Design

Templates? They don’t live here.

We want your customer to search for your brand’s email in their cluttered inbox.

Nothing makes us cringe quite like the word “template” or “theme”. Our in-house team of creatives thrive on building customised, conversion-optimised emails that speak to the heart of your customers with consistently on-brand design.

1.7 seconds

That's all you got to grab the average skim reader's attention

Our in-house graphic designers have years of experience designing for some of the country’s top brands and know what it takes to captivate and delight with email. So forget static, lifeless emails restricted by drop-and-drag builders – we’ll get your products jumping out of inboxes and into carts with intuitive, aspirational designs unique to your brand.

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Email marketing produces 174% more conversions than social media.

Every email we produce is hand-coded by our team of HTML experts and tested for mobile optimisation across the top 30 most widely used email platforms to ensure it looks and feels exactly as intended when it hits your customers’ inboxes.

1 in 5

1 in 5 email campaigns aren't designed for responsive mobile viewing.

With over 80% of emails being read on mobile devices, don’t take any chances with your marketing messages by delivering non-optimised mobile campaigns. Make sure your message and branding get across regardless of how your customers read your emails

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