Klaviyo & Smile.io

Maximise engagement with your Smile.io loyalty program by integrating with Klaviyo.

Combine the power of Klaviyo’s sophisticated email and SMS marketing automation capabilities with Smile.io and create loyal customers that are sticky to your brand.

Increase customer loyalty and rentention with Smile.io

Smile.io is a simple, yet effective tool that helps eCommerce brands generate better customer engagement through loyalty programs.

We help brands implement effective Smile.io solutions, facilitating better customer engagement, increased customer lifetime value and improved customer purchasing frequency.

Some of the other platforms we work with

The Orchard Agency, Australian Okendo Partner
The Orchard Agency, Australian Gorgias Partner
The Orchard Agency, Australian Loyalty Lion Partner
The Orchard Agency, Australian JustUnoPartner

Already have Klaviyo and Smile.io?

We help brands properly integrate Smile.io with their Klaviyo email and SMS marketing. From triggered points balance reminders, through to abandoned cart emails demonstrating savings with accrued points – we take a data-driven approach to maximising your utility from your loyalty program.

Find out how we can grow your brand and take your loyalty program to new heights with Klaviyo and Smile.io.