Email and SMS Marketing Services

Helping eCommerce brands grow through the power of email and SMS marketing.

At The Orchard we specialise in working with eCommerce brands to develop Marketing Automation strategies that maximise engagement and inbox cut-through.

From ideation through to execution, our team of experts can help elevate your email channel with a full-service offering, including creative, copywriting, strategy and campaign management.

Email Strategy

Getting your marketing mix right is a delicate operation, with brand strategy, email, organic and paid marketing all playing an important role. The Orchard helps to nurture your earned and owned data without the risk posed by other advertising platforms who might increase pricing, change algorithms or alter privacy policies.

So, don’t bet the farm just on ad spend and paid channels. To truly reap the rewards of your hard earned customer base and maximise return on your marketing investment, prioritise a comprehensive email strategy. Usually, that goes a little something like this.

Email Design

We want your customer to search for your brand’s email in their cluttered inbox. Nothing makes us cringe quite like the word “template” or “theme”. Our in-house team of creatives thrive on building customised, conversion-optimised emails that speak to the heart of your customers with consistently on-brand design.

Email Copywriting

We want your emails to make your customers feel good about the content they consume and products they buy. From subject lines and CTAs to cart reminders and drip-fed campaigns, our in-house copywriters are eCommerce specialists and know how to craft compelling copy to convert passive consumers into an engaged audience.