Klaviyo Integrations

Unleash Klaviyo’s true potential by integrating and syncing data in real-time with a host of popular eCommerce apps.

Klaviyo’s sophisticated Customer Dashboard Platform (CDP) and extensive list of integrations can facilitate sophisticated, data-driven email marketing. We’ll show you how to graduate from bulk email messaging and take content personalisation to the next level with Klaviyo and your favourite eCommerce apps.

Create seamless customer experiences across all your digital touch points

To run a successful eCommerce store, you’ll need multiple dedicated platforms performing specific tasks. From customer service, reviews through to loyalty, each platform plays a role. With Klaviyo you can integrate and collate metric and profile data from all these platforms to power more relevant and highly targeted email and SMS messaging.

Some of the platforms we work with

The Orchard Agency, Australian Okendo Partner
The Orchard Agency, Australian Gorgias Partner
The Orchard Agency, Australian Loyalty Lion Partner
The Orchard Agency, Australian JustUnoPartner

Take a data-driven approach to email and SMS marketing

No two customers are alike, so stop treating them like such. Whether it’s your onboarding series, abandoned cart, win-back journeys or bulk campaigns – our deep understanding of Klaviyo and its suite of platform data integrations means we’re able to apply sophisticated content-personalisation for our clients. Maximise the utility of your data and create more captivating messages that win customer engagement and loyalty.

Maximise the return from your apps

Unleash the potential of your eCommerce apps and increase your return on investment through better data integration with Klaviyo