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How Gmail Sponsored Ads Work

Gmail Sponsored Ads: Get Inside the Inbox

Email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing mediums generating $22.78 ROI for every $1 spent, however, most businesses have a constant challenge to acquire new customers and grow their email audience.

But, even without having the emails of your target audience, there is a backdoor entry into their inboxes.

We are not talking about buying an email list, that is a huge no-no.

Thanks to Gmail Sponsored Ads, businesses have the opportunity to hit their prospects with tailored and targeted messages where they spend a large portion of their time: the inbox.

They look like regular emails to the user, however with pinpointed targeting and measuring options, it’s a unique way around sending potential customers emails without obtaining their consent. In return, these ad placements can help build brand awareness and lead generate prospects in the Gmail inbox.

This doesn’t mean they are as effective as your standard opt-in emails, however, they can benefit in addition to your overall digital marketing campaign, here’s how:

What are they?

Gmail ads, otherwise known as Gmail Sponsored Promotions, Gmail Sponsored Ads and Gmail Sponsored Promotion Ads, are interactive paid ads that show at the top of your inbox tabs.

Gmail Ads collapsed on desktop:

(Image via Instapage)
(Image via  Instapage)

How do Gmail Ads work?

Your targeted consumers initially see a teaser of your ad in their inbox. And, by clicking on the ad, they will see an expanded form of your ad that can either launch a landing page or expand to the size of an email that can include a subject line, embedded form or video, call-to-action button and the option to forward or save the email message.

If you have a Gmail account, you’ve most likely noticed them above all of your organic emails.

(Image via TryadHawk)

Users can interact with the advertisement in many ways, depending on the layout of your ad. Options include either playing a video, completing a form, clicking through to your website or landing page, a call-to-action or downloading an app.

Gmail Ads collapsed on a desktop:

(Image via Instapage)

Gmail Ads expanded on a desktop:

(Image via Instapage)

Google also automatically optimises your ads to ensure they look aesthetic and great wherever they’re shown  – whether that be on a desktop, mobile device or the Gmail app.

So what makes Gmail Sponsored Ads so powerful? Are they worth incorporating into your overall digital marketing strategy? How do you ensure they add value?

Why are Gmail Sponsored Ads so powerful?

The average person spends 4.1 hours checking their work emails per day, that’s 20.5 hours per week!  These are advertisements at the top of your prospective customer’s inboxes where they spend a considerable portion of their time.

The best part about Gmail Sponsored Ads is that they can get you in the right inboxes with pinpoint targeting. Patrick Holmes, paid advertising specialist from Instapage, says:

“With Gmail Sponsored Ads, you’ll have the ability to target audiences based on the domains from which they receive emails. If your product or service fits well with another company’s offering, you can target people that receive emails from that company.

For example, if you are a travel or vacation booking company, you can target folks that have emails from airlines in their inbox. If you have technology that integrates with Salesforce, your audience is tailor-made from folks that have Salesforce emails in their inbox. You can even target competitor domains.”

Through Google Sponsored Ads, you’re not only getting into people’s email inboxes, but you can tailor and have your email seen by potential customers within your target market.  

What can you do with Google Ads?

The prospective customers have not sought your business out, therefore they are not ready to be sold to just yet. Thus, it’s important to position yourself as an authoritative business in the industry and offer consumers something of value.

You could do this by collecting lead information by gating an ebook, PDF or webinar with a lead generation form, or you could offer free content to establish a brand presence.  Either option will allow you to cookie their browser to begin a remarketing flow or have consent to send them emails as well.

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