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Email Like a Boss

Successful email marketing doesn’t stop with your email software. There are many valuable resources at your hands that can help grow, optimise, convert and analyse your email marketing efforts.

So take your results up a notch with these hand-picked tools every email marketer should know:

A/B test your landing pages with Unbounce

Capturing online leads is critical to email list building and having high performing landing pages are key to maximising conversion rates.

Unbounce is a slick online landing page builder that allows you to manage and update your landing page content without any website development experience. You can create landing pages using a set of well-designed templates or engage a developer to create a completely custom built template for you to then edit using a familiar drag-and-drop interface.

Edit and publish changes in an instant and make use of powerful A/B split testing features so you can refine your headlines, content, calls-to-action and layouts to maximise campaign results and see your conversion rates skyrocket!

Run an online competition using Gleam

Gleam makes setting up and running beautiful, professional looking online competitions simple and fun.

You can run a competition with a host of entry methods from questionnaires, watching videos or performing an action such as sending a tweet, posting on Facebook or using a particular hashtag on Instagram (plus many more).

Gleam will collect all entries and manage tasks such as data validation, notifications and even randomly select your competition winners upon completion.

Competitions are a great source for capturing new email leads and Gleam integrates with many of the most popular email platforms for a seamless data capture experience.

Collect new leads using Formstack

For online data collection one of my favourite tools is Formstack. A feature-rich, intuitive form builder for creating up your own custom forms that will enhance your lead capture potential.

With a user friendly drag-and-drop form building tool you can have a form up and running in a matter of minutes. You can even create multi-page online survey questionnaires and use Formstacks in-built analytics to provide feedback on where users are leaving the form without submitting, so you can improve conversions.

Simple API integration also means Formstack can send data direct to many popular CRM and email marketing systems.

Maximise your email analytics with Litmus

Litmus is the email developers go-to tool for email design testing and development. Email design professionals and agencies like The Orchard use Litmus to test HTML code and design changes, ensuring emails render as expected in more than 40+ popular email clients.

The Litmus app also includes advanced Analytics that you can add to any email creative you send out by simply including an additional piece of tracking code to your HTML file.

Find out how many users not only opened your email but how many forwarded or printed it, as well as engagement reports to highlight how long readers spent digesting your content and drilling down to discover how well your audience is able to interact with your creative.

Litmus Analytics can tell you if a contact read, skim-read or simply glanced/deleted your email giving you valuable insights into how relevant your email content really is.

All of the tools I’ve mentioned are available via online subscription and can help you take your email marketing program to a new level; grow your list, maximise your lead capture efforts and analyse your post-campaign email results like never before to ensure you make 2016 the year you email like a boss!

Contact the team at The Orchard on (03) 8547 0003 or to find out more about how these tools can help your email marketing strategy.


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