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Marketing Automation helps your business gain better visibility in tracking and measuring prospects across all your digital channels. We can empower your sales and marketing team by providing deeper insights into your prospect’s behaviour and turn your business into a lead generations and sales funnel machine.

As a marketing automation agency, we work with our clients to map out highly segmented, automated marketing campaigns where your messages are triggered based on user interaction, behaviour and engagement to maximize conversion and customer retention.

Basic Marketing Automation may include a Welcome Email or an SMS appointment reminder. These are great ways to simply keep in touch and provide your customer with relevant content, but they are also your first chance to start a conversation so it’s an important time to be thinking about the bigger picture.

Advanced Marketing Automation takes this user on a behavioural journey where you can deliver relevant and targeted content based on their actions and behaviours to previous messages. For example, a customer might download a complimentary report that kicks off an entire email marketing Welcome Series over the course of a few weeks. If the user reads a specific email or clicks a specific link we can trigger further targeted communications based on what we know they have already engaged with.

Think of it as holding the contacts hand as you guide them through all of the information you have available to ensure they are provided with the quickest, easiest route to find the details they need to convert into a customer.

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    Trigger Based Messaging

    Automated email and SMS campaigns using triggers such as downloading a report, joining a list, making a purchase or attaining a status milestone can provide contacts with highly targeted information and lead users towards the pointy end of the sales funnel.

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    Behavioural Content

    Analyse what web pages and sites your customers are visiting and send them tailored email campaigns, SMS messages, website promotions and alerts that are directly related to the information they have been researching.

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    Customer Lifecycle Engagement

    Customer Lifecycle Marketing allows you to engage with every contact with information that is specific to their unique customer journey. Providing quality, relative and timely content enhances the customer experience and increases overall conversion rates.

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    Marketing Automation Programs

    Marketing Automation Programs (MAPs) give you the tools to manage your database of contacts, send them email marketing campaigns, send targeted messages via email and SMS, create bespoke user journeys, track and score your leads and deliver qualified leads to your sales team.

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    Customer Relationship Management Software

    CRM Systems allow you to keep tabs on all of your leads, customers, past clients, staff and sales in a single tool. The benefit of a CRM System is the ability to have a single overview of every contact including a full history of all of their interaction with your business including past purchases & sales history, customer feedback, contact information, lead scoring and engagement with previous marketing campaigns.

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    We’re highly experienced at getting the best outcomes from dozens of email platforms, so no matter which one you currently use you’re assured we’re experienced with it. Not sure which one is best for your business needs? Just ask us.

Find out how Marketing Automation can help your customers. 

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